These 5 reasons are the most common causes of roof leaks.

A leaking roof is one of the worst things a homeowner will have to deal with. They can be hard to spot at first, and oftentimes, come with a high price tag in order to fix. The good news is, roof leaks can be prevented, and if spotted early, easily repaired! So, what are the main causes of roof leaks? We are so glad you asked! Once you get to know the main offenders, you can be proactive and prevent them before they start.


Yep. We are the biggest problem when it comes to roof leaks. Sure, it’s fine to walk on your roof occasionally; roofs were built to withstand a moderate amount of foot traffic, but heavy traffic can be a big problem on your roofing membrane, which isn’t protected with walk pads. This problem is even greater around equipment like HVAC systems. The other way people contribute to roof leaks is basic carelessness, human error, and clumsiness. Drop a tool or take a digger up there, and you bet your roof will sustain a little bit of damage. The best way to avoid damaging your roof unnecessarily? Just stay off of it!


Your roof’s weakest point will always be a seam. When your roof is being built, multiple sheets of material are used to cover the entire roof. Depending on whether the roof is fully adhered or mechanically fastened, those membranes are secured to either the insulation or roofdeck. Since it’s not possible to use a single sheet of material, multiple sheets must be overlapped and joined, either with adhesive or hot-air welding. The edges of the roof are a perfect place for the seams of multiple sheets of material to separate and allow moisture in. if you want to ensure that your roof seams are intact, the best way to do so is to call Berlet Roofing for an inspection!


It can be easy to let your roof’s general maintenance fall to the wayside. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But failing to maintain your roof and have it regularly inspected can often lead to roof leaks. Regularly checking on your roof’s overall health, resealing when necessary, replaces damaged shingles, and just inspecting for any other unseen damage can prevent leaks and more substantial damage down the road. Without regular maintenance, minor issues can very quickly become major problems that can lead to leaks, a full re-roof, or, worse, may require structural work.

Rooftop Equipment

If your home has a lot of equipment on the roof, such as an HVAC unit, chimney, or exhaust fan, you are more susceptible to leaks. The sites of rooftop equipment are often full of punctures and leaks. Screws and nails can be pulled out, washers or gaskets can dry rot, the general weight of the equipment itself, can all create potential entry points for water. Ventilation isn’t waterproof, and hard, driving rain can get through HVAC access panels too.


Last but not least is constant exposure to the elements and general wear and tear. In the Rockies, we see our fair share of multiple weather phenomenon’s. Ice and heavy snow in the winter, fierce rain and hailstorms in the summer, strong winds, fires, and our high elevation places us that much closer to the sun, and heat from UV rays can damage your roof over time too. All of this can contribute to a gradual degradation of your roofing materials over time. Keeping up on annual inspections and checking for weather damage and performing general maintenance and repairs allows your roof to become more resilient, last longer, and prevent leaks.

People, seams, neglect, rooftop equipment, and weather are the biggest causes of roof leaks. By staying on top of general maintenance and reaching out to Berlet Roofing for a roof inspection, you can prevent your home from roof leaks.