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Being a homeowner in South Routt County comes with many perks – wide open spaces, easy access to both the Yampa Valley and Vail Valley, beautiful winters and stunning summers. All those perks can come with a price – and the roof on your home is typically the first thing that pays for it. 

At least once in your homeownership years, you will have to repair or even replace your roof, and when you are on the hunt for the best team in South Routt County the only choice is Berlet Roofing. We are the leader in roof replacement and roof damage repair contractors because roofing is what our lives have consisted of for over 20 years. Our team can accurately diagnose any roofing problem and repair or replace your roof to be better than ever! 

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We provide a free PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL home and roof inspection of all the projects around your home. Personal and professional inspections help to ensure accurate measurements for all of our proposals and all work to be completed on time and on budget.

Let’s Talk About What Causes Roof Damage in South Routt County

Severe weather typically causes roof damage from heavy snow loads, ice, ice dams, high winds, hail, and fires – both house fires and wildfires. Berlet Roofing serves the greater South Routt County area in the following weather-related damages: 

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Berlet Roofing serves the greater South Routt County area in the following weather-related damages:


Damage from Ice Dams

While dams themselves can damage your roof by pulling up roofing materials, the most severe damage takes place inside your home. When your roof is damaged, water will leak into your attic insulation. Wet insulation doesn’t perform as it should, and over time, the quality and efficiency of your insulation deteriorated. This leads to a brutal cycle: heat loss, ice dams, roof leaks, insulation damage equals more heat loss! 


Damage from Wind

Wind damage is another big contender in the roof damage game! It is perhaps the top cause of roof damage in South Routt County because wind can occur by itself or as part of a larger storm system. Strong winds will ultimately create stress points on a roof and over time, those points will weaken and compromise the capability of your roof.


Damage from Hail

Hail damage is an actual bruise mark or puncture hole created on your roof. Roofing granules get chipped away upon impact and leave exposed areas of your roof; you can look in your gutters for a buildup of granules to see if you might have damage. Hail damage can also create actual holes, cracks, or remove full shingles.



Aging will get the best of all of us someday, and your roof is no exception. Day after day, your roof is exposed to the elements and natural breakdown is to be expected over time, especially living in a higher elevation. 


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Whether you want to fix your roof, replace your roof, have your roof checked for leaks or damage, or just have a few doubts, our roofing experts are ready to help you. We specialize in Roofing for homes and businesses. If your building has a roof, we are here to help!

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