What Does Wind Damage on Your Roof Look Like?

The gusts are blowing outside, and you are concerned about your roof being damaged. Damage from wind can look like a lot of different things, so what exactly do you, as a homeowner, look for? We’re glad you asked!

First and foremost, if the wind in the area picks up above 45MPH, the first thing to do is call Berlet Roofing. We will provide a free, no-obligation roof inspection to assess what the damage if any, maybe. High winds can cause tree branches and other debris to not only fall on, but be dragged across your roof, which leads to damage and it’s always best to call our local professional roofing team to properly assess the situation.

The most common signs of wind damage to your roof will be directly related to roofing materials and include things like loose or missing shingles, curling or peeling shingles, granule loss, damaged soffit or fascia, and issues with the functionality of your chimney.

Shingle Damage

The most common and obvious damage to your roof from wind will happen to your shingles. Wind rips the granules off of the shingle, causing them to lose viability and longevity. How do we know if your shingles have granule loss? We start by checking the gutters! Any major granule loss will start to accumulate in your gutters. Substantial accumulation of granules definitely indicates a problem.

Another telltale sign of wind damage occurs on the shingles that run along the edge and other high-pressure point areas of your roof. When shingles start to curl up or peel, it means they have sustained damage from wind. This shows that the wind grabbed onto the shingle and began to pull up. When this happens, your overall roof health will begin to deteriorate. Shingles keep moisture out of your home, so when shingles are damaged, you can find yourself with water damage in your home very quickly.

Another sure sign of wind damage to your roof is the loss of entire shingles. Strong winds can completely rip shingles off leaving your roof vulnerable. If you find shingles in your yard or around your house after a high wind event, you’ll need to call Berlet Roofing right away to have an inspection done.

Soffit and Fascia Damage

Having reliable and well-maintained soffit and fascia on your home is essential to preventing moisture from getting into your home. The soffit and fascia are located closest to the gutters, so when they get damaged, moisture damage is sure to follow. Strong winds can cause cracks, loosened wood, and materials., and even bent materials too. When the wind reaches extreme speeds, fascia can even be completely torn off.  If you notice any new cracks or dents in your soffit and fascia, it’s time to call Berlet Roofing to do a roof inspection. We can accurately diagnose any damaged areas.

Chimney Damage

How is your chimney looking these days? Is it starting to resemble The Leaning Tower of Pisa? If so, it’s time to give us a call. Strong winds can pull off parts of the lashing, which removes the sealant around your chimney, and ultimately leads to water damage. When the lashing comes off, your chimney loses some of its support and will start to lean.

Wind damage to your roof is often the first step in a long line of bigger, more problematic issues down the road. When winds pick up and remove your actual roofing material, your roof becomes vulnerable and can no longer protect your home to the best of its ability. Knowing what the signs of wind damage are is crucial to maintaining your roof – and homes – health.

Not sure if you’re seeing signs of damage or not? Don’t worry! Berlet Roofing has you covered. Give us a call today to get your free inspection!