Is Your Roof Leaking?

Let’s be honest, roof leaks seem like a pretty apparent problem to spot. After all, the most obvious sign of a roof leak is having water literally pouring through your ceiling, right? Well, the goal is to know what to look for before your roof leak gets that bad! So, what are some of the warning signs to look for to know if you have a roof leak? Here are the top 5 warning signs that your roof has a leak:

Damaged Flashing

The flashing is an integral part of your roofing system. It protects your roofdeck from water at any location that may have a joint, such as a chimney or a dormer. If the flashing becomes damaged, water can seep under your shingles at the joints. This opens up your roof to water exposure, which leads to leaking.

Buckling Shingles

Your shingles function properly when they’re lying flat. If you notice that some of your shingles are buckling up, you most likely have water damage and moisture has seeped into the roofdeck. Moisture in the roofdeck causes your shingles to expand in the heat and retract in the cold. This fluctuation in size and continuous movement eventually causes the shingles to buckle, which in turn, allows for even more moisture to seep into your roofdeck.

Curling Shingles

Another telltale sign that your roof has already been exposed to water damage is the curling of your shingles. As we said above, shingles have optimal performance when they’re lying flat, so when they curl up, your roof immediately becomes more susceptible to leaking. When shingles are exposed to an excessive amount of water, they being to curl. Shingles can also curl from warm air in the attic and improper ventilation. Curled shingles are dangerous because they don’t provide proper protection from moisture.

Ceiling Spots

If you start noticing spots on your ceiling, there is definitely water leaking into your home. The most common place for these marks to appear is around vents and joints, but it’s definitely possible for water to travel from another area in your home. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to identify the source of the leak. The best plan of defense when you see watermarks on your ceiling is to call Berlet Roofing right away so that we can inspect your roof and find the source of the leak.

Moisture in Your Attic

Moisture and mold in your attic can be indicative of a few things, none of which are great, but can definitely be repaired!

  • Your roof is leaking as a result of damaged or missing roofing materials. This is why it’s so important to do an annual roof inspection. Some roofs are just old and require replacing, but an annual roof inspection allows for roof repairs to be made as needed and helps prevent larger problems down the road.
  • Your attic isn’t being properly ventilated. An improperly ventilated attic isn’t necessarily going to lead to a leaking roof right away, but it’s important to understand what the implications can be. If your attic doesn’t have proper ventilation to the outside, you are just trapping moisture from all your internal vents and appliances in your attic, which can weaken the overall constitution of your home. It can lead to leaks in your home and the accumulation of mold and mildew.

Understanding the main warning signs for a roof leak is an important part of being a homeowner. Once you know what to look for you can be proactive and take steps to prevent damage that can lead to roof leaks. Are you worried your roof may be leaking, or it’s just time for your annual roof inspection? Give us a call today! Berlet Roofing, we’ve got you covered.