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5 Warning Signs Your Roof May Be Leaking

Is Your Roof Leaking? Let’s be honest, roof leaks seem like a pretty apparent problem to spot. After all, the most obvious sign of a roof leak is having water literally pouring through your ceiling, right? Well, the goal is to know what to look for before your roof leak gets that bad! So, what are some of the warning signs to look for to know if you have a roof leak? Here are the [...]

How To Identify Wind Damage to Your Roof

What Does Wind Damage on Your Roof Look Like? The gusts are blowing outside, and you are concerned about your roof being damaged. Damage from wind can look like a lot of different things, so what exactly do you, as a homeowner, look for? We’re glad you asked! First and foremost, if the wind in the area picks up above 45MPH, the first thing to do is call Berlet Roofing. We will provide a free, [...]

What Does Hail Damage Actually Look Like?

How To Identify Hail Damage on Your Roof It’s raining cats and dogs outside and the hail is ranging in size from a nickel to a baseball. Sometimes the hail damage to your roof can be pretty obvious, but the small and nondescript damage is what can really wreak havoc on your roof long term since it’s less obvious. It takes a trained eye to look for the little signs of damage. After a hailstorm, [...]

Got A Leaky Roof?

These 5 reasons are the most common causes of roof leaks. A leaking roof is one of the worst things a homeowner will have to deal with. They can be hard to spot at first, and oftentimes, come with a high price tag in order to fix. The good news is, roof leaks can be prevented, and if spotted early, easily repaired! So, what are the main causes of roof leaks? We are so glad [...]

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Does Your Roof Have Snow and Ice Damage?

How do ice dams form? Ice dams form along the roof's edge, usually above the overhang. Here's why. Heat and warm air leaking from the living space below melt the snow, which trickles down to the colder edge of the roof (above the eaves) and refreezes. Every inch of snow that accumulates on the roof insulates the roof deck a little more. This keeps more heat in the attic, which in turn makes the roof [...]

Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage?

How does hail form? Hail forms when frozen water drops are lifted in turbulent wind regimes during thunderstorms. The frozen drops of water increase in size and eventually fall to earth as hail having been driven by a combination of gravity and wind forces. Hailstones vary in size from pea size (1/4-inch diameter), through marble size (3/4-inch diameter), to golf ball size (1 1/2inch diameter), and to even larger size in extreme storms. Hail size [...]

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