Insurance Claim Assistance

Did you know that some damage to your home, inside and out, may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance? Not sure how to handle insurance claims? Tired of trying to figure out your adjustment? Confused by all the lines and values? Tired of wondering if your roof will get replaced? We will handle your claim for FREE – and do all the work for your insurance companies’ negotiated price – GUARANTEED!

      • Free claims management and assistance.
      • Guaranteed roof replacement for insurance company negotiated price.
      • Complimentary roof analysis prior to you filing a claim.

The way an insurance claim is handled does make a difference! Berlet Roofing has worked with numerous insurance claims and has developed a system which helps our customers settle their insurance claims as quickly, painlessly, and comprehensively as possible. By signing with and allowing Berlet Roofing to assist you with the claims management process you are guaranteed to get the right roof for the right price. We have extensive knowledge working with insurance companies to get the correct amount required to restore your roof to pre-storm condition.

All of our customers can benefit from our complimentary claims management program. This program allows homeowners to be involved in as much or as little of the claims process as they like. We can handle the whole claim from start to finish, or simply be a sounding board that can be used whenever advice is needed. Either way, we guarantee to install your new roof per the insurance company negotiated pricing and specifications.

A well-handled claim should be a worry-free process with a new roof being installed for very little out of pocket, usually just the deductible. Do not worry if the estimate is more than the quoted insurance estimate. There are many small details and variable which can be overlooked or missed by the adjuster. As part of our complimentary claims management program, we take the time to ensure that all the damage is properly assessed and covered by insurance. We then ensure that the roof is installed per the negotiated price.


The Insurance Adjuster represents the insurance company’s best interest.  Berlet Roofing represents your best interest. Let our experienced project managers and team help you through the insurance process for your damaged roof. 

1)      Property Inspection:

  • Berlet Roofing will complete a property inspection and document the damage with pictures and written details.

2)      File your Claim Now:

Your Project manager will help you to…

  • Contact your insurance company directly through their 1-800- number.
  • Inform the insurance company of the date of loss.
  • Inform the insurance company that your property has been inspected by a qualified contractor.
  • Inform the insurance company to forward the “Claim Number” to the Berlet Roofing Project Manager.
  • Answer any other Insurance related questions.           

3)      Adjusters First Contact:

  • The insurance adjuster will contact you and schedule your inspection.
  • You must contact your Project Manager with the date and time, so that he may be present to represent your best interest.

4)      The Adjuster Meeting:

  • This meeting will determine the scope of damage to your property.
  • Berlet Roofing represents YOU; the adjuster represents the insurance company.

 5)      The Report:

  • Your insurance company will send you a “Scope of Loss Report” itemizing the loss in detail.
  • Your Project Manager will review and explain the “Scope of Loss Report” to ensure the agreed upon scope of damage is complete, accurate, and at an agreeable price.

6)      Finalize the Project:

  • You must select materials and colors.
  • Together we will determine the start date that best suits your schedule.
  • The first insurance check will serve as down payment to order materials.
  • Materials are delivered to your home.
  • Berlet Roofing schedules all work to be completed in a professional and timely manner.
  • You ENJOY your new home!

Contact us today for your free roof inspection!