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The Vail Valley’s homes are exposed the harsh weather that occurs at over 8000 feet in elevation and it takes a toll on your roof. At some point in your home’s lifetime, especially when living in higher elevations, you will need to make repairs on your roof or even replace it.

Finding the best roofing contractor in Vail Valley is crucial. Berlet Roofing is the leader in roof damage repairs and roof replacement. Our team of roofing professionals will accurately identify any problem you may have and restore your roof to pre-damage condition or install a new roof to keep your home safe from the elements, year-round.

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We provide a free PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL home and roof inspection of all the projects around your home. Personal and professional inspections help to ensure accurate measurements for all of our proposals and all work to be completed on time and on budget.

Let’s Talk About What Causes Roof Damage in Vail Valley – Eagle County

Severe weather typically causes roof damage from ice/ice dams, high winds, and fires – both house fires and wildfires. Berlet Roofing serves the greater Eagle County area in the following weather-related damages: 

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Berlet Roofing serves the greater Eagle County area in the following weather-related damages:


Damage from Ice Dams

Ice dams are ridges of rock-solid ice that form on the edge of your roof and can even hang off your roof! They form when the snow starts to melt but refreezes at your roof edge. The main players determining your home’s ice dam vulnerability are ventilation, insulation, solar orientation, tree coverage, home architecture, snow cover, homeowner lifestyle, and weather conditions in Vail Valley. 


Damage from Wind

Wind speeds actually don’t have to be excessive in order to result in damage to your home and roof. Shingles can be raised from even the slowest of wind speeds, which will expose your roof to the elements and can result in possible water damage. If the damage is left unrepaired, it will certainly result in future water damage. Because it’s not always easy to spot damage from the ground, it’s imperative to contact Berlet Roofing to inspect your roof. 


Damage from Fire

Fire damage can occur from a home fire or a forest fire, and the aftermath can be shocking and overwhelming to deal with. Berlet Roofing knows this in a very raw way; we lost our entire home to a fire in February 2010. Not only are we experts in fire restoration repairs and fire damage prevention, but we can also relate on a very personal level, which leaves us several heads above the competition. By working with us, you can quickly and successfully restore your roof and home to its pre-fire and smoke damage condition and prepare your home to withstand fire damage. 



Day after day, your roof is exposed to the elements and whether it’s typical wear and tear that comes with roof aging, or the long and harsh winters we have in Vail Valley that has battered your roof, a natural breakdown is to be expected over time, especially living in a higher elevation.


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Whether you want to fix your roof, replace your roof, have your roof checked for leaks or damage, or just have a few doubts, our roofing experts are ready to help you. We specialize in Roofing for homes and businesses. If your building has a roof, we are here to help!

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