Drafty Attics Might Mean Your Roof Is Compromised!

Don’t even start with the ‘but a drafty attic is a good thing!’ because often, the confusion is between an attic breach & a properly installed vent system in the house. If your attic has a draft in it, you should ensure it’s from the vent – as warm air is less dense & rises to the top. But if you find a chilling atmosphere, there may be an attic energy loss issue.

Problems Of A Drafty Attic

If you have a draft in your attic, you are probably experiencing a few things on our list.

  1. Yampa Valley is still chilly, and you need that heat enclosed in your home. So, if you have anything drafty in your home, especially an attic, then your high energy bills are the first indicator.
  2. You have unexplained leaks that have finally penetrated the house’s frame & are showing up as ugly moldy spots on the drywall.
  3. Strange pests are making their way into the home. If you find your attic is holding anything crawling other than your storage keepsakes, you have an attic breach.
  4. A most obvious sign is that you go up to your attic from the toasty living room, and if you experience a sudden shift in ambient temperature, it’s not ghosts; it’s a draft.
  5. If you see an impeccable roof, never forget to check the attic. You might find rotten rafters & disintegrated insulation. Let’s not make a habit of delaying underlayment or insulation repairs.

Discovering The Draft

If you need to zero in on the potential sources of the draft, we suggest you look in the following spaces. For ideal diagnostics, carry out the check on an exceptionally windy day. For leaks, pick a rainy one.

  1. Inspect the rafters for damage & check the knee walls with your hands out for a draft.
  2. Attic hatches can often present a distinct draft if you can’t find any draft in the attic itself.
  3. If any recessed lights are in the attic, they might be structurally weakened to allow drafts.
  4. There may be a chimney flue in old-style homes that could potentially allow a draft into the attic.
  5. Plumbing vents are an obvious draft source if not sealed well.
  6. It is rare, but an electrical socket picture can also become a drafty issue, especially if there is no drywall insulation in the house’s frame.

The Attic Remediation

Never let such issues draft by because not only your hard-earned taxpayer dollars are getting wasted on utility bills, but you are missing out on the peace of mind of a toasty interior. You could take up the attic sealing project yourself, but we recommend you call in the pros at Berlet Roofing, Colorado’s finest & Yampa Valley’s sealed heroes in roofing care & construction.

We know all sorts of seals, materials, insulation, & caulks to get your roof & attic in order. If we uncover a structurally compromised roof, with your blessing, we’ll revive that too. We offer a range of roof damage remediation services in Yampa Valley, CO, at exceptionally decent rates for the quality offered.

So, if you found a draft in your attic, don’t call in the paranormal experts; call us today & schedule a free roof/attic assessment with us!