Fire. Ice. Wind. Hail. Just a few of the elements taking a beating on your home or business.

When the weather turns violent, the damage to your building can be severe. Berlet Roofing Exteriors works with your insurance company to get you and your home or business back to normal.

With any fire, hail, wind or storm related damage taking the following actions can get you started to fixing your home as quickly as possible:

Ensure Your Family’s Safety
Wind hail and weather related damage can create extremely dangerous conditions in and around your home. Keep family and pets out of affected areas until they are inspected and determined to be safe.

Seek Professional Assistance to Determine the Extent of the Damage and Safety of Your Home

Act to Preserve and Protect Your Property
Most insurance companies require that your take action to preserve and protect your property. Depending on the severity of the storm damage you may need to perform temporary repairs to secure and protect your property and prevent further damage. We are familiar with insurance company requirements and will assist you in complying with any requirements for your insurance policy.

Berlet Roofing Exteriors is always on call to immediately respond to your request
We promise to contact you quickly from either your call or online request. We have worked with thousands of families to get their homes and lives back to normal.

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